The Princess Series

Suzette Blackman is a weather specialist, using computers to predict weather patterns.

One day, she notices something wrong in the data.

When she reports this, her life becomes endangered and she is chased all over France to prevent an attempt to take over Europe.

She fails and war erupts - but can she and her friends survive?

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Part 2 of the series.

Suzette tries to consolidate a peace between the Americans and the Russians while the terrorists disrupt her every move.

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Suzette escapes from the Consortium only to be captured by the Russians.

With her brother's help, she returns to where it all started to find out who the real enemy is.

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The Cold War is over, or so we thought. But are the Russians really our allies now? Or is there something evil bubbling just under the surface?

Something is not right - Michael Blackman knows that instinctively. He has been trained as a British government assassin, now retired.

Brought back to do "one more job", everyone thinks it will be easy in view of his past successes. But this time, it's different. It's wrong, the pieces don't fit. And time is running out.

He must take action, whatever the consequences - and he must do it NOW!

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