The Plot Saga

It is November 1605, a day still celebrated in the British Isles as the anniversary of the day that Guy Fawkes tried to blow up King and Parliament in London.

Jack Bosvile, the youngest member of the gang, escapes by the skin of his teeth and is pursued by both the King's Militia and the backers of the Plot, who believe him to be the traitor who gave them away.

He flees to Essex and then to the South of France to find peace. Accompanied by the beautiful Sarah, he tries to escape capture but is eventually caught.

This is the first of the PLOT saga and covers the period 1605 to 1615.

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The second book of the Plot Saga deals with Jack's daughter, Carrie, and covers the period at the start of the English Civil War.

Families are torn apart by their loyalty to either the Crown or to the Parliament which is rapidly becoming fanatically religious.

She finds that becoming a Lady and landowner is not as glamourous as it may appear and she works hard to keep herself and her home afloat amid repeated rebellion and uncertainties.

In the end, she is forced to take sides and this brings both happiness and heartache.

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After the King's execution, things get worse throughout England and the family are forced to extreme measures. Carrie's younger brother, Andrew, becomes a spy for the Royalists and the plot begins to restore Prince Charles to the throne.

However, it is complicated and the family soon realise that before Royalty can be restored to England, it must be first restored to France.

So the Plot for a King must first get Louis on the throne of France as the Sun King.

Then Prince Charles can become King Charles II and bring back peace to Europe.

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